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Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance

Most people only take care of their air conditioner when there is a significant problem. Like any other piece of equipment, air conditioners sometimes require maintenance. These require specialized knowledge. Lack of maintenance can lead to a collection of extra dust, dirt, and mold, which will need more effort from your AC unit. Stressed components have a higher chance of failing, raising your electrical costs, and endangering your health. This means that every one of its parts, including the drain pipes, the main unit, and the supply lines, needs to be professionally inspected to guarantee cleanliness. In addition to doing various assessments, the AC repair Dubai specialists at AwalExperts verify that the compressor is operating correctly, keep an eye on the state of the filters, and evaluate the correctness of the coils and heat exchangers.

Benefits Of Yearly AC Maintenance In Dubai

Better Air Quality

Maintaining the system will make it operate more efficiently and silently, putting less strain on the compressor and lowering the need for future repairs. A clean filter prevents the equipment from being harmed by debris getting into the system.

Outstanding Energy Efficiency

The parts of an air conditioner cooperate to keep your house cool when you need it most. The other components of the air conditioning system don't have to work as hard when the air filters are replaced with more efficient ones when needed.

Save Money On Repairs

Avoiding future expensive repairs is one of the key justifications for getting yearly AC maintenance in Dubai. Regular inspections by a qualified expert can allow you to identify any issues before they become serious or expensive.

Why Choose Us?

To keep your air conditioner operating safely and effectively, routine maintenance is performed by the knowledgeable and trained experts at AwalExperts. Included in our routine upkeep and air conditioning servicing are thorough inspections and repairs of the following features:

AC Filters

Air filters can be replaced or cleaned as needed. The gadget may overheat if its airflow is restricted by a blocked filter. Every two months or so, we will clean or replace your filter, depending on how often you use your system.

Ac Coils

The heat from the refrigerant is transferred to the interior space by aluminum fins that function as air conditioner coils. Over time, these fins could gather mold, dust, and other impurities, which would lower their effectiveness and increase energy expenses.

Coil Fins

The fins on your evaporator coil are responsible for dispersing cool air throughout your house uniformly. The system's airflow may stop or the cold air may be distributed unevenly if these fins sustain damage.

Condensate Drains

Water gathering around or at the base of your outdoor unit could be an indication that your condensate drain isn't functioning properly. When this occurs, mineral buildup from the water that has been drained from your property may clog the evaporator coil. We'll inspect for obstructions to make sure nothing is preventing your drain line from emptying properly.


If there is an issue with the refrigerant components, your air conditioner can leak. All damaged parts will be inspected and fixed by our experts. Your gadget could get destroyed if you don't replace it right away. If you use AwalExperts' maintenance and AC repair Dubai services for your yearly AC maintenance, you can ensure that your air conditioner will operate efficiently and prevent all of these issues.


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