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Use our ac thorough cleaning in Dubai to get rid of mold and unpleasant odors from your house. To guarantee safe operation and prolong the equipment’s lifespan, the air conditioner must be cleaned on a regular basis. An unpleasant odor in the air, darkening of the filters, obstruction of the drainage system, and noise or crackling when the air conditioner is operating can all be prevented with a thorough cleaning of the unit. Consequently, we provide more than simply standard ac cleaning; our ac deep cleaning involves a comprehensive cleaning of all air conditioner parts, including the air tubes. Mind Bridge technicians are experts in providing a comprehensive range of home maintenance services including AC maintenance in Dubai.

Cleaning Of Air Conditioners In Dubai

Equipment used in climate control needs to be cleaned and treated with disinfectants on a regular basis. This is required to prevent germs from entering the split system. Additionally, regular cleaning helps prevent major malfunctions that could later result in costly repairs for the equipment.

It is possible to clean the air conditioner on your own, but it will take patience, knowledge, and specialized tools. It is advised to use disinfectants to clean air conditioners in order to eradicate bacteria and the bad smells they produce. Get in touch with our business to order a thorough service at a discounted cost if you’re looking for affordable deep cleaning for your air conditioning system in Dubai.

What Does An Air Conditioner Cleaning Service Includes?

  • Evaporator Cleaning: This procedure eliminates pathogenic bacteria and enhances equipment efficiency. The evaporator is treated with detergent to dislodge contaminants, ensuring they are effectively removed.

  • Radiator Cleaning: The radiator, responsible for air cooling and heating, undergoes cleaning to improve system operation. Dry cleaning is sufficient for minor dust contamination, while more significant dirt buildup requires specialized air conditioner cleaner and steam generator treatment.

  • Drainage Cleaning: Specialized equipment and detergents are used to remove grease, mold, dust, and fungi from the drainage system. Cleaning the drainage tray is also essential to prevent contamination.

  • Indoor Unit Cleaning: Complete disassembly allows access to internal cooling system elements for thorough washing. After reassembly, functionality checks ensure optimal performance.

  • Outdoor Unit Cleaning: High-pressure washing equipment is employed to clean the heat exchanger thoroughly. Disinfectants are applied to treat the unit, promoting cleanliness and hygiene.

  • Filter Cleaning: Filters can be cleaned independently or professionally using air conditioner cleaner. Dry cleaning the unit’s interior is also recommended for comprehensive maintenance.

  • Antibacterial Treatment: This step targets fungi, bacteria, and mold, ensuring the air blown out by the device is safe. Safe but effective disinfectants, along with steam generator treatment, provide complete cleaning without posing risks to human health.

  • Mold Removal: Special disinfectants and steam generator treatment are utilized to eliminate mold. Complete disassembly of the cooling system allows thorough cleaning of each element, ensuring mold eradication and system integrity.

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The Benefits Of Air Duct Cleaning

Regular air duct cleaning and servicing are required to keep your home’s cooling system operating efficiently. The following are a few key benefits of an air duct cleaning:

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AC Duct Cleaning Services We Offer

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